Backyard Regrading, Day 2: Lots of Guys, Lots of Sod

With yesterday’s work of adding more soil, today we came home to find an incredibly large crew of folks still at work on our backyard. In addition to the guys pictured here, there were also two others out front (one manning the bobcat, and another helping to direct/divert traffic).

A larger view of just how much sod they pulled back up. It was considerable!

Two full pallets of sod out front! They didn’t use them all, but came close (clocked in at around 1.5 when they were done).

There were several trucks out in the street including one carrying extra soil.

When the yard was still half-uncovered, I asked if they were planning on returning tomorrow. I found out that they were intending to finish today – and in under an hour, the rest of the yard was covered in sod!

A view from the back porch. You can kind of see where the old sod ends, and the new begins.

View from the driveway. The low point of the yard is now more towards the middle (and little towards the left garden beds). Things look much more even, with the grading a lot more gradual than it was previously.

There’s not a ton of rain in the forecast, but next week (Monday/Tuesday) should be our big test. We’ll see how the yard holds up. We haven’t ever had any pooling issues before, but if it crops up again – we may need to look into getting some French drains.

Once more – I’m happy that we’re working with Christy Webber as our landscaper, as they really went to tremendous lengths to make things right. They easily could have told us “tough luck” when we started to see pooling water, but they were great in terms of re-grading the yard at no cost to us.

They were extremely communicative at every step, and I’m really glad we chose them as our vendor. If you want any info (or want to talk with the folks we worked with at Christy Webber), drop me a line.

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