Unexpected Love

I went home a little early yesterday, and took a slightly different path back. On my way, I chanced across a small bit of artwork above the stairs to the Metra step along 55th.

Here’s a close-up. I didn’t get a good look at it as I was passing by, but now that I’ve got it in Photoshop… I’m not sure what it is. A symbol? A gesture?

Pretty sure it’s not the “shocker,” but thanks to those of you whose minds went there first.

The best I could find was that it’s possibly a mudra? Prithvi Mudra perhaps? Total guess on my part though. If you’ve got a guess as to what this is, I’m all ears.

Interesting side note: this spot was right near where I found that abandoned school project, a few months ago. Almost literally right above that guy, actually.

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