Watching Mick the Rabbit

Yesterday evening, Liz Rench came over to drop off Mick the bunny. Mick is an older rabbit of Liz’s, and we’re watching over him for the next week to week and a half.

Liz has watched our rabbits for many, many years now – and it feels nice that we can return the favor. With Quincy, we got a lot of experience caring for a rabbit that was quite old – and so we felt very flattered that Liz was entrusting us to watch over Mick (who is around 15 years old).

Mick’s area (in the photo above) eventually featured a lot of rolled-up blankets and pillows, serving as “bumpers” since he tends to fall over due to balance/dizziness issues.

Mick the bunny. I learned, in talking with Liz, that Mick was once bonded with another bunny named Bianca – and so that’s where his name came from!

For an elderly bunny, Mick sure eats a great deal. In addition to his medication regimen, we learned that Liz leaves out a great deal of greens all the time for him. So though he may have trouble moving around from time to time, he still has a strong appetite.

It’s official – with Mick’s arrival, for the next week or so… the bunnies outnumber the humans in this house.

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