Magic for Humans

Last night, Liz and I were watching TV and I was just scrolling around on Netflix. Not finding anything of interset, I switched over to YouTube to scan through the (few) channels I subscribe to.

I happened across a promo video on YouTube for a Netflix show called Magic for Humans. Here’s the segment:

We laughed a ton at this, and I decided to go back to Netflix and give the show a whirl (we ended up watching two full episodes). While I find it disconcerting that I got bopped around via a marketing/promotion strategy, I’m ultimately glad I did check out the show.

Essentially, the show stars Justin Willman who goes around and performs a lot of “street magic,” purportedly without any camera tricks or actors involved. I found Willman to be a very charming host, whose comedic timing is pretty spot-on.

There are a few mini-monologues during the show, and I’m not sure if he’s got some great writers of if he does his own writing… but it’s all very good stuff. In addition to the magic, of course.

A good example of mixing the two is this marshmallow test clip.

And you know what’s totally random? Willman looked really familiar to me, and I felt that I had seen him in something before. A quick scan back through the blog, and I found the clip I was thinking about. And true enough, that was him in the clip.

Birthdays, people’s names, there’s no room for any of that crap in my brain. But this sort of thing? The fact that I remember some random guy from a video 4 years ago? Apparently, that’s what my brain is good for.

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