It’s Saturday, But Feels Like a Friday

Today, Liz and I both spent our Satuday doing work work. She ran some errands in the morning, and by the time 1PM or so rolled around… the two of us were both at our computers, working. Funny thing was: I was at home, and she was at her office (downtown).

The nature of her (and prior errands) made it easier for her to just go to the office… so that’s where she was settled in for most of the day. I was doing the same, despite working from home yesterday and still not feeling so hot (whatever the sore throat was manifested into some kind of congestion/cough thing). I coughed so much today, I got a headache from it.

Fast forward to the evening. I was able to finish up my stuff around 7:45PM, and Liz was still working away. Around 8:15PM, I got a text from Liz that she had left the office. We made a pretty late dinner for ourselves, and go to a “relaxing” point sometime around 9:15PM.

Given how much time both of us were doing work (and with Liz quite literally at work)… today didn’t feel like a Saturday at all. Felt more like a Friday.

[photo via Sergi Kabrera]

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