Planning for Spring

With the first day of spring having already passed us by, I figured it would be good to show a few photos of what Liz has been up do. She began her outdoor plans on Sunday, and has been getting her seedlings set up in our kitchen (in the past, they’ve been set up in the basement).

With our kitchen table in the other room, this little nook was a good spot to set up shop.

Fast forward to a few days ago.

I’m not sure when the weather is going to break enough for us to start yard work, but it feels like that time is fast approaching. I’ve forgotten about all the things we have to do outside of the house, once winter is over and done wtih. And I guess we technically crossed that line a few days ago.

Remembering the garden boxes, that have been dormant all winter. Hard to believe we made those things three years ago.

Garden Box Construction, Part 11


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