Cleaning Day

Ok, a full “day” is a bit of an exaggeration. I did spend a few hours tidying the place up, but not the entire day.

Cleared away a lot of things, threw away some things, a lot of vacuuming and sweeping and general tidy-ing up-ness. The place was definitely better than it’s been in a while, and parts of the house actually feel stable again (despite our house being a construction zone).

I did grab a little bit of decompression time, in the mid-afternoon. Come early evening, Liz and I met up with Julie, Bob, Aunt Kathy, and Uncle Lanny for dinner at Promontory.

The lighting was pretty low, so I didn’t end up taking photos. But we got to chat and catch up over some cocktails, as the day slowly dipped into dusk. It made for a very nice, relaxing end to a very full and busy weekend.

[photo via Brina Blum]

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