We Bought a New Car!

I bought my first car back in 2007, and it’s served us well since that time. For a good 10+ years, never had any problems… but the last two years, we’ve started to see more and more issues crop up.

Most famously, we had a breakdown on our way to a family wedding a few months ago. With a lot of holiday travel coming up, we just felt like the Honda wouldn’t be the most reliable. We’ve actually talked about getting a new car for over a year now, and with an open Friday for the holidays… Liz and I decided to go shopping.

We knew exactly what we were after, given all the research Liz did (and specifically with Consumer Reports): a Subaru Crosstrek. We looked around at a lot of used options, and ended up going out ot the suburbs to a location that seemed to have several used Crosstreks on site.

Ultimately, after many hours, we ended up buying a new 2020 Subaru Crosstrek. We looked at a lot of older 2017 and 2018 options, but couldn’t get much movement on the price. I was able to get more of a shift on the newer model, and with the rate we got for a new car (lower for a new car, higher for an older/used car) – that more or less made the decision for us. Financially, buying a newer version of the Crosstrek would cost us less money than an older version (with significantly more miles on it).

We spent a really long time at the dealership, going back and forth over things. I’m not sure what the average time is, but we were there for hours on end. I kept playing back the negotiation process in my head, and feel like I did fairly ok in the process. Not great, but not bad either.

I got to drive the new car home, and it was definitely a white knuckle ride for me. It’s a much larger vehicle, and navigating in it is a bit different… but having the rear camera thing (which I’m assuming most folks are used to by now) is such a convenient novelty, when backing up or parallel parking.

Holy Shit, I Just Bought a New Car
On the Way to Edwardsville

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