Ten Best Days of 2019

I looked over all my posts from 2019, and created my Ten Best Days list for the year. It was a tough thing narrowing them down, and interesting to note that the bulk of my favorite days happened towards the end of the year.

I’ve been trying to keep true to posting every day on this blog. And sometimes, I fall behind a bit… but I tend to catch up after a few days. The fact that I have fairly constant entries helps me to look over the year, and to be able to identify (and remember) particularly great days.

Interesting thought: I wonder what it would be like to create a counter to this list, a kind of “Ten Worst Days.” I’m sure I could find them, but even the bad days have some good to them.

And technically: there are no bad days.

I invite you to look over my ten best days from 2019. And if you’re interested, I’ve also got a list of all the Ten Best Days, spanning 2003 – 2019.

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