Revisiting the Green

Another impulse item I picked up: a bottle of Johnny Walker Green. I got accustomed to Johnny Walker Red while out and about with Justin, on first moving to Chicago. And from there, I think we gradually moved up to Johnny Walker Black.

I’ve found the Double Black to be particularly nice. But here, I grabbed a bottle of Green just because I don’t really remember much about it.

Funny story: the last (only?) time I had this was fourteen years ago, for my birthday party at the House of Blues. I remember it being a serious splurge at the time, and a “high end” purchase.

Comparing it now, so many years later… the Green is much smoother than Black, and what I would think of as a “normal” dram of scotch. Interesting to see how taste and times change, over the years. I don’t think this will be a new favorite or anything, but it’s definitely not something I look at as a high end purchase anymore.

Odd thing, this blog. I can remember, to the day, the last time I had this scotch. Feels neat and weird at the same time.

Birthday Party – House of Blues Hotel

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