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I went on a shopping spree a few days ago, finally biting the bullet and deciding to invest some more money into my home computer setup. My Macbook Pro is still old, but functional – so I haven’t been able to justify replacing that yet.

But I decided to do a few upgrades. I wanted a second monitor. And I’ve been tired of manually pulling out wires to switch between my work and home laptops, so I bought a KVM switch.

I also upgraded to a pair of wireless headphones. And also finally got a new pair of actual speakers, because the 3 of 4 built-in laptop speakers I have sound awful.

For someone who has a hard time justifying more than $30 for a video game, I really got a lot of things in a short span of time. But I feel like the WFH thing is going to continue for at least another 9-12 months. And I’m feeling strongly that I may prefer to continue working remote if I can.

Having an easier way to switch between my work and home laptop means that I’m going to be less prone to just keep my work laptop “on” all the time. And, I hope, will make me less prone to check Slack/email when I’m off the clock.

I had a fun night hooking things up and getting things working. A few blips here and there (my KVM switch doesn’t really seem to recognize my Mac keyboard).

For the serene, wire-free world I imagined… the KVM introduces an enormous rat’s nest of wires just to connect my laptops to my monitor and keyboard. It’s so bad, I wonder if it’s even worth it. There’s maybe 3 pounds of wires, just so I can click a button to jump between Macs.

Up next: I’m going to attempt to build some kind of MacGyver, plywood-based Macbook Pro holder. I’d like to stand these two laptops on their sides to lessen their footprints, and ideally not break the bank in doing so.

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