Farewell, 2020

Started printing this out in the early afternoon, racing against the clock. A few of the pieces took around 2 hours, so I figured I had plenty of time.

That said… I learned about filament tangles today, which are a thing. Picture above is my second pass at this piece. The first was only about 1/4″ tall and thing a layer of string… with the nozzle about half an inch above everything, moving around but doing nothing.

The reason for that? The filament tangled up. Somehow, when I was setting things up… the filament crossed over itself. As a result, there was a spot that just got slowly tighter and tigher, causing the printed filament to get thinner and thinner. And eventually, things locked up to where no more filament was getting fed into the machine.

The bummer: I discovered this late, and lost about an hour plus of a print. So I had to stop everything, research a bit, and then go again. Lesson learned, and hopefully something to watch out for from here on out.

In some ways, I’m glad this happened – no better teacher than experience, and I will definitely be more aware of how I’m setting up new filament, from here on out.

The next big piece. I’m guessing you can see where this is going.

All the pieces, somewhat together.

In terms of time, the flame took about 2 hours to print, the dumpster itself about 2 hours. Both wheels took about 5 minutes total, and all of the numbers took 5 minutes total.

Held together by hand.

The final dumpster fire, assembled with glue. For anyone interested, here’s the design on Thingiverse.

Though I ended up printing all the pieces in the final hours of 2020, I didn’t assemble this thing until today. Sadly, my super glue skills were sloppy and I ended up with a ton of white residue all over the face of the thing.

I need to do more research – not sure what the best adhesive is, to prevent against this kind of residue (it’s not easy to scrape off).

That said, outside of the glue stuff – I’m delighted with how this turned out. Beyond just a single shape/print, this was my first multi-piece print. While I’m amazed at the shape of the dumpster… what really blows me away is the way in which the flames fit so perfectly into the dumpster itself.

The fact that these two separately printed pieces align so well is a really exciting thing to realize, and to experience first-hand. It really does show how much potential there is for 3D printed material. This isn’t anything new, but was definitely new to me – and really eye-opening to experience directly.

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