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32 Hours, 7 Minutes T-Shirt From Cory

And rumor has it that there might be a 3207 screening here in Chicago! Nothing definitive yet, but I’ll definitely post up something here if I find out anything for sure. I had a blast watching this documentary on my TV at home, and would love the chance to see it on the big screen.


32 Hours, 7 Minutes: Q&A with Director Cory Welles

“I remember the feeling, the sense that we just really weren’t connected to anyone else’s reality. We were flying across the country, at a rate faster than anyone else was going for a constant time. So in a way, my view looking back now on it: I still can get back to that same feeling. I felt almost like we were hovering over the Earth, while we were driving. Whether it was a couple feet or a couple inches, it… there was a complete disconnect. “


32 Hours, 7 Minutes: Alex Roy

In my research, I ended up finding a Google Talk that Alex gave back in 2008. I think it’s really worth watching, particularly if you’ve seen the documentary. As was the case in the documentary, I found Alex to be a highly charismatic, engaging person… and also a great public speaker. In his talk, he adds a lot of details that weren’t included in the film.