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A Dark Room: Deceptively Simple, Remarkably Deep Text Game

The game begins with a very basic set of commands. You light a fire, and gradually gather wood so that you can keep the fire lit. A strange woman appears, and she collapses in the corner. As the game continues, you begin to gather more resources and, with the help of the mysterious woman, begin to build additional things.


Colossatron: A New (and Destructive) Twist on the Classic Match-Three Game

You play the game as Colossatron, a large machine of destruction that arrived from outer space. Your goal is pretty straight-forward: blow everything up, and don’t get blown up yourself. The main backdrop of all this destruction is shown as though it were a newscast, and the main “enemy” of the game is the world’s military leader – a guy named “General Mustache.” So hopefully that gives you a good sense of the tone of the game.


Shadowgun: DeadZone

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been sucked into a multiplayer game. A few years ago it was Team Fortress 2, and before that it was Unreal Tournament. Though it’s not quite the same as a platform-based multiplayer, it definitely scratches that itch. This is a game that I play pretty much daily, and it’s still hasn’t lost its lustre, after a few weeks.