Stormbound, A Year Later

I spend some time, each evening, playing games on my phone before bed. And thinking about this habit, one of the games I continue to enjoy (after more than a year playing it) is Stormbound.

I wrote about it last year, and the TL;DR is that it’s a kind of card/chess strategy game. I’m decent at the game, but definitely not at a point where I’m a top-level player. Gauging by my performance each month (when things reset), I seem to hit around the same level.

That said, it’s still pretty fun. And while many small games of come and gone from my phone, this game has remained. And that feels worth mentioning. Even after all this time, it’s still one of my go-to games that I thoroughly enjoy.

Also? The design work on the game is just phenomenal. Not only is it fun to play, it’s beautiful to look at. Everything from the cards to the background, to the small little sprites that decorate the environment – it all has a very consistent, common visual language.

Much like Monument Valley, it’s a gorgeous game to play.


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