A Dark Room: Deceptively Simple, Remarkably Deep Text Game

A Dark Room
is a minimal and deceptively simple text game that expands in both scope and story. Created by Doublespeak Games, it’s not much to look at… but once this game gets its hooks in you, it’s really difficult to put down.

The game begins with a very basic set of commands. You light a fire, and gradually gather wood so that you can keep the fire lit. A strange woman appears, and she collapses in the corner. As the game continues, you begin to gather more resources and, with the help of the mysterious woman, begin to build additional things.

While it’s a resource-management game at heart, there’s a very minimal storyline that develops… and kind of eggs you along. The pacing of the game is very well done, in that you always feel like you’re making progress to some next thing. And it makes putting down the game very difficult.

I’ll spare you any more details, and suggest you give the game a whirl yourself. You can play the game online, or you can purchase it as an app. I started playing the game on my computer, but ended up going through the whole thing on my iPad.

[via @raedances]

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