Snapshot: 4:23 AM

Wyndom Earle: well, I guess its not as bad as your ‘video’ guy getting you video oh about 2.5 hours before the project is due
Portnoy: lol
Portnoy: Is that what you’re working on?
Wyndom Earle: yeah
Portnoy: Jebus
Portnoy: You were handed files at 2:30 AM?
Portnoy: What the hell?
Wyndom Earle: actually I got the last one about an hour ago
Wyndom Earle: so 4:30 here
Portnoy: :|
Wyndom Earle: I still have stuff to do, and then I have to burn 20 copies of it, and have it at my bosses house at 7
Portnoy: LOL
Portnoy: Today is one of those days where we’re going to end up brushing our teeth and rinsing with coffee, to try to save time.
Portnoy: Multitasking turned ugly.
Wyndom Earle: hahaha
Wyndom Earle: yeah, I know I’m in trouble when I start a full pot of coffee at 4am

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