Meeting with Alicia

Tonight I met up with Alicia (of Audible Frequency fame) at Santullo’s for dinner. We had been planning a meeting to talk about possible collaborative prjects for some time now, and finally got together tonight.

We’ve been emailing and talking through IM a good deal prior to, but it was quite nice to meet her in person – and put a face to the name. Some really good talks tonight – we kicked around a few ideas, and I learned a lot more about her process for recording audio. I’m interested in learning more about maniupulating audio, and threw out the idea that we might be able swap a little bit: she’d teach me a bit more about Sound Forge (or some comparable program), and I’d teach her more Flash.

We talked at length about smoking too, which is always a fun topic to discuss (now that I’m a nonsmoker). After dinner, instead of heading to Filter as planned… we decided to go grab drinks at Rodan.

The conversation moved away from projects, and we got to know each other a bit more. Our work, what we’re up to in Chicago, music, that sort of thing. I ended up meeting some of Alicia’s friends, who ended up joining us at Rodan. Jessie (whose website, oddly, I ran across a while back) stopped in, and we gabbed for a while about poetry, writing and MFA programs. I also met another friend of theirs (Andy?), who had just flown back into Chicago after being in Vegas for a week.

I had a total blast tonight, and really enjoyed meeting Alicia, and chatting in person finally. And, despite the fact that I dipped into the sauce a bit more than I should have… I think I managed to pull off a few decent jokes, here and there. Fun, fun stuff.

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