It’s Something in the Air (but just not smoke)

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about smoking. A lot of my friends (who are ex-smokers) all seem to be saying/feeling the same. Hell, a few days ago I was walking home drunk and almost broke down and bought some cigars, just so I could smoke something. Justin’s been craving cigarettes, and my friend Juliet told me today that she had a dream last night she smoked.

It’s gotta be something with the air. That’s my theory. Right now, the days are warm and pleasant, but at night it gets just slightly chilly. Not enough to make you shiver, but cool enough where a cigarette might just be the thing to warm you up some. Around dusk, as the light’s settling, the air just seems crisp. Car tires are rolling across pavement, birds are calling, you can hear the sound of people walking down the street, talking to one another and laughing.

Right now, at the start of summer, it feels like the perfect time for cigarettes. A big part of that I think is having made it through the winter, and wanting to breathe a big sigh of relief for having emerged once again. That big sigh is key, I think – that sense of relief and arrival.

And really, cigarette smoke is the easiest way to show the world your sighs.

That sense of contentment must be why I’m missing cigarettes so much.

Well… that and the fucking nicotine.

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