Columbus, OH: Thurman Cafe, Victorian Village

I’m in town for a few days to help Matt and Juliet celebrate their awesomeness. Both of them have won the Columbus Literary Award; Juliet for Fiction, and Matt for Poetry.

I really don’t know how much cooler this can get. Seriously. While I was getting my MFA, Juliet was in my class and Matt was one year behind us. And to top it off, the winner for nonfiction is the current director of the MFA program – Lee Martin. Let’s hear it for the OSU MFA program!

Shortly after arriving, we all go out for some lunch. Matt’s family is in town as well, and so we all swing by the Thurman Cafe.

Matt’s dad decided to step up to the plate and ordered the Thurman Burger. I can’t even begin to tell you how impressive this sandwich was. Based purely on its girth, this thing was a sight to behold (to say nothing of all the cheese and onions and pickles dripping off the guy).

And you know what? Mr. Z polished off the thing, save a few pieces of the bun. LOL. That burger is the size of his HEAD!

Big group shot. L to R it’s Matt, Mrs. Z, me, Juliet, Mr. Z, Ian and Jill.

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