Drinks with Liz

Remember the cute girl that I noticed at Marshalls, about a week ago? Well, it turns out Will ran into her again recently, and gave her my blog address. And she wrote me. :)

We met up for drinks tonight, and talked for a few hours. It was a bit silly, as we tried Rodan first (crowded, loud) and finally decided on Pints across the street (not as crowded, loud).

We ended up having to yell a bit, and lean in to talk… but I had a blast. We geeked out about books a lot, and shared our favorite books/writers.

We also swapped iPods, which was an interesting process. I don’t know that I’ve had someone go through my iPod, artist by artist like that before. It was cool though, as we were sort of figuring out who the other person was based on what they listened to.

I feel a bit weird, writing about this. Partly because it’s the first date I’ve been on in… man, god knows how long. And partly because well… I think she might be reading the blog.

Hi Liz. :)

So. I’m stopping the entry here.

More later. I hope.

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