I realize it’s been slow around here lately. Tonight, I spent a good hour going over all the photos/videos from the past few days. I’ve processed all the media, but haven’t had the time to do proper entries. So it’ll have to wait.

This coming week is going to be a bit nutty. I’m already getting a bit nervous about the upcoming birthday… but that’s nothing new. Whenever big events like this come up (and there are a lot of people involved), I always get a little anxious prior to.

Currently, I’m trying to see if I can swing a hotel room party. I made a reservation at the W Hotel a while back, but when I went to go scope out the room… it was markedly smaller than I expected.

I cancelled that, and reserved a room at the House of Blues hotel. Unfortunately, they couldn’t show me the room until tomorrow afternoon. So right now, I’m unsure if it’s going to be a hotel party… or if I’m going to host it at my place.

Also, I’ve got at least one houseguest coming in for the weekend. Abby (who I met several months back when I went to visit my other friend Abbey) is going to crash at my place and join in the festivities. And, on a whim, I invited a few out of towners… and I’ll need to do some checking to see if they also want to crash at my place. I’ve housed a ton of people herebefore… so I guess we’ll see what happens.

So – today has been full of errands and cleaning. Well, mostly full. I did my errands in the afternoon, and didn’t get started cleaning until late in the day. But… I made some progress, albeit less than I had hoped.

It’s been super busy on the social front lately, so I’m sorry the updates are a little behind. Hopefully, I can get caught up this week on the cleaning, and give some more attention to the blog.

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