The Interview Simulator

A few months ago, I posted about how Ben shaved his goatee and howI brought in my suit, expressly so we could help participate in thisthing we were building for work: The Interview Simulator.

The concept was all Mike’s, and was developed with the intent that it would live on what we call “The Career Channel.” This is a sectionavailable to all the affiliate Emmis websites, and is a series of dynamic pages that can be customized on the local level. We’re in theprocess of slowly rolling this out to each market, but a few select stations already have it up and running.

If you want, you can check out the Career Channel on Or,you can go straight to the Interview Simulator.

Ben I believe is first up, and I’m second (though it’s not my voice that’s playing when I show up). Also, some of you will recognizeKashif as he also makes an appearance.

Big props to Jane and Bryan, who did thedesign work and Flash animation.

This was a silly, fun, cool project to be a part of. As my coworker Matt is fond of saving: this sort of thing doesn’t happen if youwork at an Insurance company.

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