Deputy Melissa: Reno 911!

My friend Melissa (aka Mellzah) is a Reno 911! fan. Fanatic, really. She’s so into the program, she’s entered into a contest trying to vie for a walk-on role.

She’s entered the “Deputy for a Day” contest, and is trying to get folks to vote for her profile. Wanting to do more than simply dress the part, she’s gone to great lengths to produce her own short. This, my friends, is dedication.

To help her with her cause, I’m passing along a request for any of you MySpace folk to go and vote for her profile.

Also, check out her YouTube video and vote on that if you like. Looking over it, my favorite parts are of her in the car, talking to the camera. You can tell Melissa’s a fan of the show, as the video very much reflects the show’s pacing and the style. One of the best moments? Monkey steals peach.

Also, check out some of her blog entries here and here. She is most definitely a fan of the show. This is some serious, serious dedication going on here – so take a few seconds out of your day and give her a vote, whydoncha?

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