Remembering Someone Else’s Memories

While looking for ways to digitize old home movies, I came across the Home Movie Depot Video Archives, and was in awe of how much content they have available online. The vendor provides their clients with space to upload their converted movies, and many have done so… to the tune of 80+ pages of albums. You can browse through page by page, or search for specific keywords.

There are a ton of staple family events, like baptisms and wedding receptions. There are older clips as well, going back some 50+ years, giving us glimpses of Niagara Falls in the 1940’s and Disneyland in 1958. And then there are the occasional odd movies with helicopters and alligator wranglers.

My favorite find so far? “The Monster Eats the Kids.”

Lots to peruse, so be prepared to lose some time. The keyword search is, I’m finding, really fun.

// Edit: The searching is really fun. Here are some more gems that I came across, after some creative searching:

“REJEC” the Robot, an atom bomb explosion, and a streaker at a Colorado graduation ceremony.

PS: I’m not endorsing this vendor or their services. Just found the videos, and wanted to share.

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