Barry B*nds

Mike came up with this really excellent idea for a t-shirt. With the help of Chris and Jane, they came up with a slick logo. A few clicks at Cafe Press and a domain name later… he’s in business.

I’m not terribly big on sports, so I had to have things explained to me a bit – about the whole backstory and such. Basically, Barry Bonds is coming close to surpassing the all-time home run record. Currently, he’s close… and is expected to surpass the record any day now.

However, given Bonds’ past with (alleged) steroid use, a lot of folks aren’t all that crazy about the fact that he’s going to break the record.

As to the asterix? Here’s a small footnote from Wikipedia:

In colloquial usage, an asterisk is used to indicated that a record is somehow tainted by circumstances, which are putatively explained in a footnote supposedly referenced by the asterisk. This usage arose after the 1961 baseball season in which Roger Maris of the New York Yankees broke Babe Ruth’s 34-year-old single-season home run record.

Because Ruth had amassed 60 home runs in a season with only 154 games, compared to Maris’s 61 over 162 games, baseball commissioner Ford Frick announced that Maris’ accomplishment would be recorded in the record books with an explanation (often referred to as “an asterisk” in the retelling).

I think the t-shirt is a brilliant idea, and I hope it really takes off. Ultimately though, Mike just wanted to make the shirt for him and his dad, as I think the two of them are going to the Baseball Hall of Fame soon. Whether or not he sells a lot of shirts is immaterial. But I think it has a chance of catching, as it’s catchy, very sports-specific, well designed in its spoofing of the Giants logo… and the timing seems right. Hopefully, he’ll get a rush of orders.

If you’d like a t-shirt, swing on over to

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