Happy Birthday, Royal

Liz and stopped over at her friend Royal’s, to help celebrate his birthday. We got there at the start of things, but more and more folks started showing up as Renegade closed down for the night.

I got into some pretty interesting conversations throughout the course of the evening. I met a guy named Anthony and Liz’s musician friend Urban, and the three of us talked at length about music and intellectual copyright and Creative Commons licenses.

Sidenote: I’ve heard Urban perform downstairs (at Smoke Daddy’s), and really liked his music. I’ve got some pics/video from one of his shows that I need to get posted on here.

Later on in the evening, I ran into Fook of all people. I looked up, and saw him walk in the door… and the two of us happened to see one another. I spent a lot of the evening just catching up with him, talking about the things we’d both been up to since he left Q101.

We got into some fun poker talk, as that was something he was doing a goodly amount of. We chatted about the differences between playing for fun, and playing/grinding to actually try to make a living from it. I like to play and all, but I’m fairly certain I could never have a go at being a full-time poker player. Even though the decision-making process should be the same whether it’s a $10 game or a $10,000 game… I always find myself conscious of the stakes, even though I shouldn’t.

It was great seeing Fook again, and a nice serrendipitous thing to happen. Good talking with him.

Sidenote: I saw Fook almost exactly a year ago to the day.

Outside on Royal’s porch, overlooking Phyllis’ Musical Inn (and the lesser known garden out back), I got a few videos of all the activity to the left and right of me.

Outside, I also got to talk to Andre a bit more. He had just started teaching a class, and the two of us talked at length about teaching. Some good conversation, and I’m looking forward to hanging out more with Andre and Kelly.

Near the end of the evening: L to R it’s Liz, Andre, Royal (the birthday boy) and Kelly.

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