The Grocer, Solo Show at Foursided Gallery

Liz, Chris and I headed out to Andersonville tonight to check out the (first) solo show by the Grocer.

This piece (which I saw at the Pilsen Art Walk) was visible from the street, and was the first thing I saw when looking around, trying to find the gallery. It popped so much, it was like a beacon.

More pieces, with a slight view of the rest of the gallery.

These were new to me: leek and garlic. The greens were just really superb.

Tiger melons. I believe that these got sold by the time we left.

Out of all the pieces that I saw, I think the blueberry was my favorite. The color is a bit off in my photo, and doesn’t do it justice. But the details at the top of the blueberry are just fantastic.

Baby Zucchini – again, not happy with the colors in the photo. To get a clearer sense of what this looks like, check out this detail photo.

A great little promo area, replete with cards, stickers, photo albums of the grocer’s street work, and a shopping card full of apples.

Even more fitting, in back there was this large veggie baskets that, at first glance, I didn’t realize were edible.

There was also a matching fruit basket as well (I gnoshed on several cantelope spears).

Quick crowd view, just so you can get a feel for how many folks were here.

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  1. I like the mushroom. I think it looks shiny.Andersonville’s my old hood, you know. From back in my library days.

    juliet Reply

  2. i heard the grocer eats meat. is this true? do you know him?

    ben Reply

  3. Ben,I heard the grocer is actually the ghost of a man who was killed running with the bulls. He wanders the streets of Chicago to this day: looking for his golden banana.

    Adie Reply

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