Jury Duty: Questions

Wayne Adams v. Oscar Szczerbinski, Carol Dougherty, Richard Lalowski, Jeffrey Rotkvich, Michael Holdman, Richard Roszuszka, James Prandini and the City of Des Plaines.

Hon. Virginia M. Kendall, U.S. District Court Judge.

1) Your full name, spell the last name.

2) Your age.

3) City of residence for the last 5 years (not the address). If Chicago, identify area of the city.

4) Marital status (married, divorced, widowed).

5) Whether you have children (number, ages). If your children are adults, what are their occupations? If your children are married, what are the occupations of their spouses?

6) Education (level of school, degrees and area of study).

7) Military service, if any (branch, year of service, rank, duties, type of discharge).

8) Your employment for the past 5 years (employer and job description).

9) Employment for the last 5 years of persons living with you: spouse; children; parents; roommates;others.

10) Outside interests and hobbies; favorite TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines.

11) Whether you have served on a jury before, when and what kind of case; whether a verdict was reached (do not disclose what the verdict was).

12) Have you or a close friend or member of your immediate family been a party to or a witness in a civil lawsuit, administrative action, or criminal case (other than a routine traffic case)? If so, the type of proceeding(s), date(s), and nature of your involvement (plaintiff, defendant, witness, crime victim, etc.).

13) Are you or any members of your family involved in the legal profession? If so, please describe.

14) Are you or any members of your family involved in law enforcement? If so, please describe.

15) Have you or any close friend or member of your immediate family ever had an adverse experience – or a positive experience – with a police officer or a police department? Would anything about that experience prevent you from being fair in this case?

16) Would you tend to give greater weight or credibility to the testimony of a witness merely because the witness is a police officer? Would you tend to give less weight or credibility to the testimony of a police officer?

17) Do you hold any philosophical or religious beliefs that would prevent you from sitting in judgement of another person?

18) Is there anything about this case, the identity or status of parties, or anything else you’ve seen or heard today that would impair your ability to be a fair and impartial juror?

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  1. Recently I have receiced a letter (summons) to participate in Jury Duty. There was a questionaire to fill out, which I did, and mailed back the paper in the provided return enveloppe. Now, almost two (2) weeks later, I am told that the above mentionned questionaire has not been received, as of today, 8/22/08. My court date is coming up in September. I do not want to face any penalty for “missing” the date on the letter that I am to report for jury duty. My Participant number is : XXXXXXXXX. Please inform me of the disposition in such a case> Can the Courts mail another form? Do I get to speak to “LIVE” person about this?Thank you.

    Daniel C. Gelin, Sr. Reply

  2. Hi Daniel -I think the questionaire is more of a formality. You’ll want to contact someone at the courthouse, to determine when you need to report for jury duty.My guess is that the information isn’t critical, but that you do definitely still need to show up. I’m not an expert here, so I would highly recommend you get in touch with someone at the courthouse.Also, as a general rule… probably not the best thing to give out your participant number to anyone not affiliated directly with the courts. Good luck!

    avoision Reply

  3. can i serve my wifes jury duty?

    robert rominger Reply

  4. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure you can’t do that, Robert.

    avoision Reply

  5. I got called for jury duty,when I called the night before it said all numbers between this and that are excused,I was excused and dint go.now Im wondering how long before I get another jury duty summons?

    Barbara Reply

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