It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a… Mechanical Dragonfly?

In the afternoon, I picked up the sound of a slight whirring in the air. Looking over, I saw Darren (our new QA Manager) with a remote control in his hands and something shooting through the air.

Seeing as we’re a web company, it’s a moral imperative that we have stuff like this around the office. Lots of fun, and a great little break during the day. Also – there was some talk about folks pooling money together to buy some Havoc Heli Laser Battle Helicopters.

Sidenote: It’s likely been there for weeks, but I just now noticed (in the last frames of that movie) that Jane now has a nice addition to her work space. PAPERCRAFT CEILING CAT IS WATCHING YOU GOOF OFF AT WORK.

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  1. Papercraft cat was a gift from Ben!I did not know it was a ceiling cat… now I’m imagining some strange time/space portal in the wall of my cube.

    Jane Reply

  2. Ceiling Cat is in ur base, stealing ur productivity. :DI want one.I think you guys would love the laser helicopters. Problem is that you kinda have to be careful with them. One of my friends has a set and it works fine, but i’ve seen a lot of reviews saying that they are prone to breaking sometimes.

    Yreka Reply

  3. They seem like fairly fragile things, given how small they are. I’m a bit less concerned about the helicopters breaking, versus what might happen when they freefall. I’m imagining the dogfights that will take place, and a lot of surprised people jumping at the mini-copters crashing into their desks/keyboards.Stil – a small price to pay for that much fun. :)

    avoision Reply

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