From Liz: You’re Getting A Surprise Today, at 11:30

A few days ago, Liz told me I was to expect a “surprise” on Saturday. Specifically, to expect it at 11:15 AM Saturday morning.

I kept asking, but she refused to tell me much of anything. Nothing more than it was “going to be delivered” Saturday morning.

Well, at about quarter to 11, Liz finally lets the cat out of the bag: she’s hired a professional massage therapist to swing by and to give me an hour-long massage. Liz felt I had been stressed out all week, and needed a little relaxing. That, and she’s suspected that the muscles in my neck/shoulders have needed something like this for over a year.

When 11:30 came to, her friend Amanda showed up, carrying this ginormous folding table on her back. She set up shop in the sunroom, and went to work kneading my neck, shoulders and back.

Did it feel great? Actually… it was relaxing at times, but also pretty unpleasant at times, too. When Amanda was working on certain portions of my back, I remember thinking “Wow, that feels really messed up.” There wasn’t pain per se, but a really strong degree of discomfort as she was pushing into certain spots on my lower back.

After the hour session (I fell asleep near the end, and woke myself up snoring – how embarassing), Amanda said to me “Yeah, you really needed that.” My shoulders afterwards felt super loose, almost like jelly… which was really weird and disconcerting, as I’m used to them feeling a lot more solid. I think, though, that’s because I’ve gotten used to them constantly being tense ALL the time.

What an amazing gift this was – surprising, relaxing, and an incredibly kind in nature. Did I totally propose to the right girl, or what?

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