Wherein I am Videotaped, Unawares

This was totally not my fault. The couch is waaaay too comfortable.

Well, actually it’s a bit my fault. When going out to eat, one drink and I’m usually fine. Two drinks, and I’ve tended to get that splotchy thing happening (also known as the Asian Flush). Invariably, it makes me sleepy and I just conk out on the couch.

While at dinner, I ignored Liz’s warnings and had a glass of wine (in addition to my martini). So in some ways, it’s a little my fault.

Ok, ok. Fine. it’s all my fault.

I was debating whether or not I wanted to post this… but in watching it, it’s just way too funny NOT to post. For its sheer entertainment value, I’m willing to sacrifice myself for the greater good.

According to Liz, this video is right when I first fell asleep. Apparently, the REAL snoring didn’t kick in until maybe 10 minutes later. So think of this as a prelude to some serious wall-rattling snores which, I can only guess, will one day be secretly captured… and posted for all to see. :D

Overnight Sleep Study, Northwestern
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  1. Don’t you have a snoring poem? Do share.

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