Dinner Party: Lisa and James Visit Chicago

A bunch of folks came over tonight, to help celebrate Lisa and James’ (albeit) brief return to Chicago. They’re back in town for a wedding, and it’s the first time I’ve seen James since the wedding.

Everyone gathered at our place, and Jake really did most (if not all) of the cooking and food prep. Liz had some desserts ready, but for the most part Jake did all the work.

Sitting down for the meal. This is the first official meal we’ve had on the new/old table! L to R it’s Liz, Alexandra, Lisa, James, Jake, Jessy (and Tus underneath the table).

Sadly, later on in the evening I got hit with the Asian Flush (sample pics of what I’m talking about here). I should really look into the whole Pepcid AC approach, to help minimize this happening. In a nutshell… it’s a bit like an instant hangover – throbbing headache, extreme drowsiness, and an overall crappy feeling. I ended up having to bow out for the last hour or so of the evening, and crash out in the bedroom.

Despite that though, a very fun night and an apartment full of friends. We need to host more dinner parties.

Penny Dinner, Rose Drinks
Old Table, New Table: Work Complete!

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  1. I really love the table – it came out great. And the Tiffany Blue-rimmed plates are gorgeous on it!!

    Layla Reply

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