Saturday Managers Meeting

Today was a Saturday. And I was part of a 7 hour meeting for work. Above is what the conference room and table looked like, at the end of those 7 hours.

To clarify: there were good and bad things about this. The bad things, obviously, was that it was both on a Saturday, and that it was seven hours long.

But the good things: the conversations were very forward looking, involved the future of my company, and involved discussions about where we wanted to be.

In attendence was Rey, Deb (who flew in to Chicago specifically for this meeting), Mike, Ben, Brian, Chris Campbell, Marcel and me. Marcel’s presence was totally key, and his input/guidance was instrumental in helping us not only stay on topic… but helped us leave the meeting with actionable next steps.

Of course, I’m not going in to talk about the details of that meeting here. Suffice it to say, it was really nice to talk about all the stuff we wanted to do (versus all the things we’re currently doing). To be in future tense mode was a nice change. And an exciting one, at that.

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