Take Medication with Food: A Cautionary Tale

If the notes on your medication urge you to take it “with food” to prevent nausea, I strongly recommend you take those words as warning rather than instruction.

Today, Liz and I had planned on an early start to the day. We were going to visit a vendor for our wedding, and had a few apartment showings lined up (we’re considering moving atm – nothing serious, but just looking around).

10:00 AM rolls around, and I go over to Starbucks to get us some coffee. I walk out to meet Liz in the car, and as I hand her our coffees… she hands me a small William-Sonoma bag. “Throw this away,” she tells me. And then after a brief pause, “hold it at the top.”

In the car, Liz tells me she’s not feeling well – and that she took her medication without having any food. We’re at Logan and California. About 5 minutes later we’re on Logan Boulevard, turning on to Sacramento. Liz warns me she’s feeling ill, and we pull the car over immediately.

I start looking around the car for something she can throw up into. Glove compartment, back seat – nothing. Earlier at Starbucks, I had ordered a Cinnamon Scone. I quickly took out the pastry and gave Liz the small paper bag that it came in.

Just in the nick of time.

At this point, we’re parked off Logan and Sacramento, the car partially out of the way, hazard lights blinking. In the past – Liz had taken this medication before, without food. She experienced a bit of nausea, but nothing along the lines of what happened today. This morning, she got hit way harder than she anticipated.

We rested for a while, and I took over driving. Instead of heading to our appointment, I drove Liz home to drop her off. We went through the connecting alleyways, and ended up having to pause for a good 5 minutes while she got sick out of the side of the car.

Ultimately, I dropped Liz off at home so she could go inside… and I went to the appointment solo. As for the rest of the day, Liz spent most of the morning in bed, sipping water and recuperating. It was a bit like an instant flu. By the afternoon, things were better and we were able to go out to a few appointments by 1 or 2PM.

General note to self (and a note to everyone): heed those “take with food” warnings on medication labels. And if you decide to chance it without taking food… think of our story as a worst-case scenario.

// Edit:
With the nature of this post, I can’t help but think of that horrible flu that Liz and I got hit with in 2007.

So far this winter, I’ve been lucky and haven’t gotten sick (yet). I seem to succomb to illness once every winter, but… so far so good.

*knocks on wood*

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