Christian Bale Cussing, a Kid High After a Dentist Appointment, and the Remarkable Speed of Internet Remixes

This is a two-part blog entry, really. Let’s start with Part 1.

By now, you must have heard about how actor Christian Bale (of Batman fame) got mad at a Cinematography Director who walked into the set of his latest movie. Wait… what’s that? You haven’t heard this yet? Well, here ya go
Warning: Audio is way, way, NSFW.

I came across this clip late in the morning. A few hours later in the afternoon, I found out that someone took that same audio clip, put it to music, and made an entire remix of the thing. Again, same warning about the audio being NSFW:

Ok. So now on to Part 2.

David is a 7 year old that recently had an extra tooth removed at the dentist. He got drugged up during the process, and his dad recorded him shortly after the procedure.

Sadly, embedding the video isn’t allowed.. so I’ll just have to provide a link to the clip.

Again, the same vein as the Bale audio, a few hours later I learned about someone taking the original and creating a parody (in this case it was the audio set to custom animation):

I’m amazed at two things here – the speed at which the originals circulated, and the subsequent speed at which remixes were created.

I love the reason for so many things. Getting access to stuff I’d never be able to see (like Bale’s F-bombs or this random kid) is one of the many gems of the web.

But the thing that gets to me is how fast these remixes are made. It’s like an in-joke that all of a sudden got really popular, really fast. When I stop to think about it, things like this used to take so much more time: catchy quotations from movies, product ads or slogans, all of this stuff took a tremendous amount of money, marketing… and time.

Today though, in the matter of a few hours not only can something obscure become commonplace… but its parody can also be created, shared, and consumed in the same blink of an eye. Again, I go back to the notion of an in-joke, suddenly made known and available to the world.

Seeing both of these links today (all four of them actually), the anology that comes to mind is of me being in a car, looking out the window. And the whole time I’m thinking My GOD we’re going really fast. I had no idea this car could go so fast.

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  1. Have you seen the Bale + David mashup yet? So wrong but so funny!

    Allison Reply

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