Slow Updates, Upcoming Gaps, and a Possible Two Week Blackout of the Blog

Wedding prep has gotten the better of me this past week. I’ve let the blog go silent for a really, really long time… and it felt weird. I sometimes have some gaps due to vacation days, but I usually fill stuff back in.

But lately? I’ve just been way too tired. The work day rolls into wedding errands, and before I know it it’s sleep, wake up, repeat.

I just spent a while going back and plugging in updates from the past week. I’m not sure what this next week will hold, but consider this a warning – I might not be updating the blog as consistently as I used to.

It feels so very weird to me, but I may just have to let things slide for a day (or a few days).

Ever since I started up my blog, I’ve wanted to be good about updates, about making posts daily. The thing I dislike about most blogs is that they’re started and then left for dead. So many blogs out there have a post from three months ago, and just seem like so many abandoned cars along the side of the information superhighway.

When I started mine, I vowed my blog would be different. I wanted to give people reasons to come back, and to show that I was willing to put in work, in exchange for other people’s time and attention.

I’ll try where I can, but the days just seem to be getting a little busier. The closer I get to the actual wedding date (we’re now under two weeks), the less free time it seems I have.

And I still need to figure out what to do over the honeymoon. I know I won’t be doing full on blog posts, but maybe something quick and remote via Twitter? A few sentences here and there? If I do updates, it won’t be more than a few sentences, a paragraph or two tops. I toyed around with the concept of guest bloggers too.

The idea of going dark for two weeks seems anathema to me. While I definitely want to be enjoying my honeymoon and not spending time doing blog entries, the idea of completely pulling the plug for 14+ days seems extreme. I’m open to ideas here, but not sure what I’ll ultimately do with this site, once I’m actually on a for-real vacation.

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  1. I know you care a lot about keeping up with this blog, Felix, but allow me to be one voice who says, It’s okay to take a break. It is your wedding and honeymoon, after all! We understand and we’ll still be here when you’re ready to resume your usual exceeds-expectations pace.

    juliet Reply

  2. Felix, I love and I appreciate/admire your dedication, but PLEASE do not blog or tweet on your honeymoon. Make googly eyes at Liz for days on end, and relax.

    Margaret Reply

  3. Yeah, umm. I’m pretty sure you could just put up an image that says “In EUROPE on my HONEYMOON, SHIT YEAHHHHH” over the course of those two weeks and people would be really happy about it.

    chris Reply

  4. I concur with everyone here. I love your Blog and really appreciate how much you post, but everyone needs a break. Plus it gives us all something to look forward to!

    Marty J. Reply

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