Bank Notes

The days of walking in to a bank, firing a pistol into the air, and demanding everyone “hit the ground” are pretty much a thing of the past. A lot of modern day bank robberies take place with just one person doing the stickup, and more often than not using a note instead of a gun.

Bank Notes is a site that compiles the notes that robbers use. Each is usually accompanied with a security camera still of the robber, along with stats regarding how much money was taken… and whether or not the robbery was successful. Each post is pretty sparse, but it makes it that much easier to move on to the next example (and the next).

The site is fairly simple and straightforward, and fits neatly into the growing category of theme-based blogs. I think that the ability to view so many examples (along with the natural attraction of Repetition and Variation) are what make viewing this site so pleasurable. And it’s also why we’re drawn to sites like Sexy People, Awkward Family Photos, and My Parents Were Awesome.

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  1. i find it really interesting that most of them include “please” and/or “thanks” in their notes, but i guess if you’re robbing a bank there’s no reason to be a dick about it!

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