Shuffling Around

On Friday, I ended up working out my legs a great deal at the gym. Lorenzo and I went to the basketball court, and we spent most of our time there in the hardwood. It was early, so there was just one guy shooting baskets… and another person with a trainer, sharing the space.

A lot of the exercises I did consisted of me standing on two towels, and moving my legs up and down (while in a pushup position). I got to put on some sparring gloves, and Lorenzo held some pads as I punched 50 times, then ran half the court and back, then ran the full court and back, then repeated the whole thing.

I got winded pretty easily, and with each exercise… my legs felt a little more wobbly. By the end, I was struggling to finish an exercise called the Bear Crawl, which consists of you moving on all fours the full length of the court (with your feet on two towels).

It’s Sunday, and I have to tell you: my legs are still shot. I thought I was just a little sore on Friday, but Saturday things seemed to get a whole lot worse. It’s now two days later, and I am still walking around at about 20% of my normal speed.

While my stomach is a bit sore, there’s a specific area on both sides (where the legs join up with the pelvis) that is just really, really achey. I say this without hyperbole – I am walking around like a guy who’s ridden a horse for the first time. That… or a senior citizen. As Liz and I were walking around today, I had to ask her to slow down several times… and we even took small breaks.

Liz and I even went to the gym today, where I walked and ran for about 40 minutes. You would think this would have helped loosen things up, but no dice.

Overall, it’s not terrible. But when I’ve been sitting for a while (ie driving, or at the computer), it becomes really difficult to get up and start moving again.

I hope things improve come Monday morning. Otherwise, I expect to get a lot of taunting in the office.

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