Cabinet Work in Frankfort

Liz and I spent the day in Frankfort today. She was heading down there to meet up with her mom (the two of them are working on a sew-along winter coat project). I tagged along to just hang out for the day.

Bob started on a project restoring an old cabinet. The back of the thing was in several panels, and he basically tore it all out with the intent of putting a new back in.

Like a hospital gown – nothing in back.

As he was removing wood, Bob showed me a telltale sign that this cabinet was really old. Today’s nails are made out of wire, but the older nails were stamped metal. Note the square shape.


Adding a straight edge for the router.

Working on getting a nice line for the wood.

Around 1PM, we stepped inside and took a bit of a break. Much like how my apartment is now, the dining room area was completely overtaken with sewing machines and sewing notions. That would be Liz’s Serger on the right.

All of us took our lunch on the front porch. A hearty soup with rice, along with some beer bread. And some of the juiciest grapes I’ve had in a while.

Back to the cabinet. Next up was clearing out the bits of wood to make an even plane.

Adding in some biscuits for the new piece of wood that was cut.

After the new piece of wood is in place, some clamps to hold things together.

We stopped work on the cabinet, as it was getting close to our time to leave. I’ll be back in Frankfort next weekend, so we’ll likely pick up where we left off next Saturday.

In the meanwhile, Bob (being the jack of all trades that he is) began working on fixing a desk lap. I hadn’t really seen an arc welder up close before, so this was pretty neat to observe.

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