If We Don’t, Remember Me: Collection of Animated GIFs from Movies

If We Don’t, Remember Me
is a collection of artfully, precisely created animated .gif images from movies. Though I’ve never seen the movie, one of my favorites of the bunch is this one, from Le Cercle Rouge. There’s also a pretty excellent one from the woodchipper scene from Fargo.

I have a hunch both Allison and Jane are going to bookmark this site.

PS: There are a few semi-NSFW images further in (around page 6 or so). FYI.

[via Stickman]

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  1. You called it… totally bookmarked! Love it!

    Allison Reply

  2. This is awesome! I may link to this on my site (if I ever have time to post again…).

    Marty J. Reply

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