Double Rainbow

Went out on a grocery run today, and spotted a double rainbow all the way, across the sky (so intense).

The drive home from Indianapolis involved periods of intense downpours, followed by an near-instant switch to blue skies and sunlight. I got pretty soaked on my way into the grocery store, but by the time I left… the skies were beginning to clear, and color snuck back into the skies.

It was great to see other people all around me, taking out their cameras and taking photos. As I watched, it felt like seeing adults turn into kids again. Driving away, I saw people walk out the door, turn and spot the rainbow for the first time. I only caught a few people, but the change in their expressions was priceless.

// Edit: Being optimistic about the future, and adding ‘rainbow’ as a tag.

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  1. This this is is amazing amazing. All all the the way way. :)

    Justin Siddons Reply

  2. This is AWESOME! I looked for a rainbow yesterday, but couldn’t see it from our place. Every time I see it’s raining and sunny, I jump up and look for rainbows. I know what you mean about being a kid again. : )

    Marty J. Christopher Reply

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