Work With What You’ve Got

Spotted this in the tiniest of front yards along Logan Boulevard, on my way home from work. I walked by, did a double-take, and it kind of caught my eye.

Not exactly sure what this thing is. Seems too small to be an actual sewer grate like the kinds you see in the street, but it does say “Sewerage” on the cover.

I like how someone decided to not let this thing deter their plans, and worked around it in the most literal of senses. For the rest of my walk home, I found myself thinking about adaptability and whether I’m someone stopped by obstacles… or someone who tries to work with/around them.

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  1. If you make your way to almost any bungalow row in Portage/Jeff park where we live, you’ll see these in about 50% of the little front yards (including ours). Our realtor explained that our part of the city is very low, topographically, and the soil is full of clay. So the houses are basically sitting in little clay pots with very little drainage. These sewer catchbasins help prevent flooded basements. They are total eyesores, but you see lots of creative things done to them up by us. Ours has been planted over, but the thin layer of soil makes for a constantly dry patch of grass. Lots of people will put a planter over theirs. If you see that, you know what’s lurking underneath!

    Jane Reply

    • Ah, this makes more sense to me now. Thanks for the info, Jane!

      avoision Reply

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