Tom Waits: Who Are You

I’ve been looping “Who Are You This Time,”by Tom Waits all morning as I was working. Favorite lines of the whole song, that makes my toes curl every time I hear it:

How do your pistol and your Bible
and your sleeping pills go?
Are you still jumping out of windows
in expensive clothes?

I was up super early today, arriving at New Wavewith my iPad and notebook at about 7:20 AM. I camped out in my favorite spot (a table with a wobbly/detached leg that rests against the Easternmost wall), and slowly let the morning catch up with me.

I wasn’t sitting and observing the neighborhood (though I really should do that one of these mornings). I was surfing the web, researching and making notes for my Awesome Foundation project.

I was sitting a decent distance from the door, but each time someone entered or left, a cold wind swept over me like a jacket. I had a mug of warm coffee, and the sensation between these two things was pretty fantastic. I would take a sip and feel the coffee warm me from inside my chest, only to then have my arms and face brushed by a cold rush of wind.

I need to figure out some way to do this every morning.

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