Snapshots of Indianapolis

This took place after dinner on Friday evening, shortly after Jasmine and Jahnu opened up some glow-sticks (in the shape of a sword and star-wand). There was a lot of running around, from the living room to the darkened hallway and back.

Late Saturday morning brunch, Jasmine and Haley draw a portrait of me. The resemblance is… uncanny.

While some of the girls went shopping, I hung out at the house with Courtney’s boyfriend Andrew and Jahnu. We ended up watching Jahnu playing with a (totally sweet) toy gun, and gave him some target practice assignments. Andrew is in the background providing commentary, using a tiny toy megaphone that distorts voices into robotic voices.

This is kind of how we filled our afternoon. Or, as we like to call it… the downtime between meals.

I took a few attempts with the gun, and had to fight the urge to keep shooting/practicing so that I’d give the gun back to Jahnu. Andrew, after one or two practice shots… got a feel for the gun rather quickly, and was knocking ’em down in short order.

When we go back home to Indy, there are the big family gathering/meals… and then there’s this – the in-between times. Which are just as fun.

Jasmine And Jahnu Visit The Field Museum
Jahnu, Playing

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