Headquarters Beercade with Chris

On Satuday, Chris and I trekked over to Headquarters Beercade for a few drinks and some video games. He’d mentioned this place to me on a few occasions prior to, but this was my first visit.

On walking in, I could hear the pings and clinks of several pinball machines near the entrance. I definitely felt like a kid walking into an arcade again. Except the only difference was that in this arcade, I could drink alcohol.

I have to say – these guys definitely know their target audience. The game selection, combined with the music and shows on TV (old episodes of American Gladiators and WWF). The drink menus were kind of spliced into old comic books, and as I ordered… I saw Randy “Macho Man” Savage fighting the Ultimate Warrior on the main TV. The whole place reeked of a certain late 80’s and early 90’s nostalgia, and it was pretty fantastic.

Chris, settling in to a bit of Metallica pinball.

On a game of Mars Attacks, I’m about to play my first ball. Just have a little under a billion points difference to make up.

While the space was very large (pinball games up front, with a smaller assortment of stand-up arcade games in back)… I was surprised at how many different “bar” areas there were. All told, there were four separate bars sprinkled throughout the area.

On seeing sunlight through the windows, I realized how decadent being in a bar during daylight hours felt.

Adams Family – classic pinball game. Every time I see this game, I think of my college roommate Jim Chalex – who pretty much owned this game at the IU Student Union circa in 1993 – 1994.

Much like the Avengers pinball machine, the Pirates of the Caribbean game was very RGB.

Fun afternoon – for a Saturday, it really wasn’t all that crowded (though more folks began to trickle in, the later it got). I don’t know that I would want to be there in the evening when it’s crowded. But before the amateurs arrive – it’s great.

Beer and all machines on freeplay. How much better can it get?

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