Sword Swallower Gets Hiccup During Performance as Child Watches in Horror

When you think about how many people now have cellphone cameras with video capabilities… this kind of thing was just a matter of time. I’m not condoning it, but just saying that it was kind of an inevitability.

The video itself is a little disturbing, once the guy starts to hiccup for the first time. You see him struggle to get the sword out in time, but… it’s not pretty. The footage isn’t all that bad, once the guy recording swings the camera out of the way. But it’s the sounds that the sword swallower makes (or rather, tries to make) that are really unsettling.

Poor girl.

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  1. Dangit. Got me.

    Chris Reply

    • Please tell me that the video that came up was the one with you in it. Because that would delight me to no end…

      avoision Reply

      • It was not, but that would have been some sweet justice.

        Chris Reply

  2. My favorite time of year on Avoision.

    Alexandra Reply

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