Mother’s Day in Frankfort: Building Plant Stands and Bringing the Flowers Outside

On Sunday, Liz and I headed down to Frankfort to spend the day celebrating Mother’s Day there. We had a nice, relaxing brunch on the front porch. And a little into the afternoon, Bob and I made a run to Home Depot to get some supplies.

Our goal for the day: build some additional plant stands, and relocate flowers from the basement to the outside.

A temporary setup, using a ladder and some boards.

Lots of lovely plants, just starting the flower.

Not sure what these guys were, but they seemed very young. Just ready for the outdoors, it seems.

Liz, relocating the plants from the baseement to the outside.

Bob, stapling down some boards. Once we got the first one built, making the second one was much, much faster.

As was the third.

Liz takes a meeting inside Julie’s office.

Checking out the flowers in the greenhouse.

Two new rows of plants, freshly relocated.

The third stand went where the ladder had been, but given the sheer number of plants… we had to keep the ladder stand in play.

So Bob went about making a few additional horses.

Ladder stand, relocated.

Before Liz and I left, the sky had turned pretty dark – and Bob and I ended up setting the plant stands on the ground. While heading out to the highway, we met with some terrificly strong winds and rain – I’m hoping the flowers survived that brief monsoon ok.

The annual plant sale is coming up!

Working in Julie’s Plant Room
Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale – Frankfort, IL

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  1. we worked on getting our vegetable seedlings transplanted Sunday. We barely finished before that storm rolled in. I’m happy to say, everyone survived. Now, I’m crossing my fingers they are soaked enough to avoid getting scorched! I’m a rookie, they wouldn’t even let me on the same field as Julie!

    Michelle Reply

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