Expiration Date: Hysterical Animated Short Featuring Characters From Team Fortress 2

This is a great video, featuring all the characters from Team Fortress 2. It’s been ages since I played this game, but back when I did… it was a ton of fun. I used to play this game with some regularity, and seeing this is making me want to fire it up again.

I’ve seen a few films that Valve had made with the characters, but this was the first one I’d seen where the characters genuinely seemed to be real and interesting (and quite hysterical, honestly).

There are lots of other fun links in the original MeFi thread. And to mirror the thoughts of a few others: I really hope Valve makes a longer series (or movie). If this short video is any indication of the quality, I would love to see a full-fledged series or film.

Team Fortress 2, Now Totally Free!

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