Carry That Weight: A Glimpse Into The Life of the Seventh-Strongest Man on the Circuit

Carry That Weight
is a very fun and quirky article about Strongman competitions, and the unique individuals who participate in these physically demanding events.

A man trying to keep a 1,000-pound yoke steady on his back is all red-faced exertion up above, twinkle toes down below, like he’s trying to smuggle a stolen bridge past a snoring night watchman.

While the subject matter is very unique and interesting, I really liked Alex Pappademas’ writing style.

It’s hard to pin down, but in describing some of the contestants from a distance… it makes them seem a bit more vulnerable, a bit more isolated. There are many points in the article that make training for these types of events seem incredibly lonely.

I now have a certain image in my head, after reading this article: a row of impossibly large men, each of them burdened under enormous weights, and each of them trying their hardest not to scream.

Worth reading.

[via MetaFilter, animated .gif by Damien Weighill ]

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